The hosted solution for standards-based digital preservation and secure long-term storage.


ArchivesDirect accommodates a variety of digital curation workflows and provides a flexible web-based interfaced for creating preservation-friendly collections of content. Specifically, ArchivesDirect provides the following features:

ArchivesDirect generates fully standards-compliant PREMIS in METS metadata and creates Archival Information Packages (AIPs) of content in the Library of Congress BagIt format.

ArchivesDirect stores content in secure, well-managed, replicated cloud-based storage. Specifically, two copies of content are stored in the cloud: one in Amazon S3 and the other in Amazon Glacier.

ArchivesDirect stores content in secure cloud-based storage where regular, bit-level integrity (fixity) checks are conducted over the entire collection of content thus ensuring that your AIPs are stored safely for the long-term.

ArchivesDirect is an entirely web-based service where you have complete control of your content and can easily search for, retrieve, and download individual items and AIPs as you need.

ArchivesDirect can be configured for highly individualized processing where workflow decisions are made at various points as objects move through digital preservation services OR it can be preconfigured to automate those decisions for bulk processing large collections.

ArchivesDirect enables you to undertake OAIS-based digital preservation workflows all through one fully hosted, web-based application.

With ArchivesDirect you can ingest a variety of different file types, including images, text files, audio and video files, PDF files, office documents and forensic disk images, including both digitized and born-digital content.

Through the ArchivesDirect dashboard, you can easily perform standard digital preservation micro-services such as assigning identifiers, generating checksums, scanning for viruses, identifying and validating formats, and extracting metadata.

ArchivesDirect includes the ability to easily normalize ingested files into preservation and access-friendly formats, while preserving the original objects.

Your ArchivesDirect account comes fully installed and ready to go. The system administration including server set-up, server maintenace, and overall system administration best practices are fully managed on your behalf including upgrades to the latest release of Archivematica and DuraCloud when they become available. You can easily add more storage at any time or migrate to a locally installed Archivematica instance in the future, too.